Trump claims victory in Nevada caucus

Donald Trump (Reuters)
Donald Trump (Reuters)

Donald Trump is one step closer to winning the Republican presidential nomination after taking out the Nevada caucus.

The billionaire property mogul was well clear of his two main rivals, the conservative Ted Cruz and the centrist Marco Rubio, so the question on everyone's lips now is: who can stop the Trump?

Mr Trump appears to be building an unstoppable momentum -- Nevada is the third state he's won after New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Earlier today, Mr Trump said of a heckler he would "like to punch him in the face".

But what to outsiders sounded incendiary, merely fanned the fire in his supporters' bellies.

The rabble-rouser channelled the electorate's anger with Washington's politics as usual.

But Mr Rubio wasn't hanging around to pick over the spoils -- he turned in early, to prepare to do the rounds on breakfast TV.

Mr Cruz, also trailing, was left to clutch at straws.

But Mr Cruz and Mr Rubio are running out of time.

The campaign now spreads to the Super Tuesday states -- 11 of them that will define the course of this election a week from today.