Trump felt tinge of sadness over Iowa

  • 03/02/2016
Trump felt tinge of sadness over Iowa

Donald Trump, the New York businessman seeking the Republican US presidential nomination, says he felt "a tinge" of disappointment after losing to Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses.

Cruz bested Trump with 28 percent of caucus-goers' pledges on Monday (local time) compared to Trump's 24 percent. Florida Senator Marco Rubio came in a close third with 23 percent.

Asked by a reporter if he felt at all bad about the result, Trump said: "There's a tinge...I probably had a tinge because a poll came out that said I was five points ahead."

In the weeks before the Iowa caucuses, Trump held leads in almost every statewide and national poll though his dominance in Iowa wobbled after Cruz won a key endorsement from a local evangelical Christian leader.

Trump also said there was a chance his decision to skip a Fox News debate among Republican candidates on Thursday might have hurt him in the caucuses.

Asked before a rally in Milford, New Hampshire on Tuesday evening if he planned to change his campaign strategy, Trump told a news conference he felt confident in his methods, but he was adding more town hall-style events.