Trump vows to keep Guantanamo Bay open

US Presidential candidate Donald Trump (Reuters)
US Presidential candidate Donald Trump (Reuters)

If Donald Trump becomes president he's vowed he will keep Guantanamo Bay open.

The controversial Republican presidental candidate made the incredibly informal policy announcement last night as he took one step closer to becoming the Republican presidental nominee.

"Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay), we're keeping that open and we're gonna load it up with some bad dudes," he said.

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz - the frontrunners to take out Trump were thumped by him in Nevada, with Trump gaining 45.9 per cent of the vote.

Trump took the opportunity to broadcast that he was "winning, winning, winning" everyone over.

"We won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated."

Rubio and Ted Cruz, battled it out for second place. Rubio took 23.9 percent while Cruz trailed on 21.4 percent.

Cruz is the only one to beat Trump after the first four primaries - taking out the Iowa caucuses, while Rubio is yet to get a win under his belt.

"History teaches us that nobody has ever won the nomination without winning one of the first three primaries," Cruz told his supporters after the loss last night.

But Rubio remains confident.

"Here's the bottom line fact. The vast overwhelming majority of Republicans do not want Donald Trump to be our nominee," he said.

Rubio indicated that if it comes down to a two horse race between himself and Trump, polls are putting him well out in front.

"If it came down to me and Donald Trump I beat him by almost 16 points."

And doing his breakfast TV rounds this morning, Rubio admitted it was a crazy race - a campaign like they've never seen before.

"First of all I think you need to take everything that we've applied, the lessons of every other campaign before and throw them out the window. This is a very unusual year and a very unusual process," Rubio said.

Trump's opponents won't go down without a fight - they're out rallying in Houston today ahead of the all-important Super Tuesday - 12 states will vote on March 1.