Australian zookeeper mauled by crocodile

Australian zookeeper mauled by crocodile

Video footage has emerged of the moment a 2.5 metre crocodile attacked an animal handler at a wildlife sanctuary in Queensland.

Renee Robertson was overseeing a feeding show at the tourist attraction in Townsville when the crocodile lunged at her.

Backed into a corner, Ms Robertson had nowhere to run.

She cried out for help but the saltwater croc had already locked its jaws around her arm.

Tourists watched on as a colleague rushed to her aid.

It was enough to scare the crocodile off, who retreated into the water.

Ms Robertson was badly injured and bystanders gave her first aid until emergency services arrived.

"It was already bandaged up, quite significantly to a really good standard actually and we've just done basic care, given some fluids, some pain relief quite clearly," says Ross MacDonald from the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Ms Robertson is now in a stable condition in hospital, but staff at the park are still shaken.

"We'll take tonight to touch base with all the staff, make sure they're okay, we're not going to put staff in front of a crowd of people if they don't feel up to it," says Brad Cooper from Billabong Sanctuary.

That will be a call for Ms Robertson to make too -- and she'll be hoping she can keep well out of the croc's way in the future.