Belgium tries to move forward


Two Belgian ministers have offered their resignations after claims one of the Brussels bombers had been deported twice from Turkey and flagged as a suspected foreign fighter.

It's an acknowledgement mistakes were made by the Government.

But authorities are not the only ones facing a backlash in the wake of the attacks.

The military is on the streets of Brussels, sirens constantly wail as if to remind people the police are there too -- but this has been the case since the Paris attacks four months ago.

And yet still, two devastating terror attacks and a second bomber now thought to be on the run.

The two senior Belgian minister's resignations have not been accepted.

As well as backlash against the authorities there are concerns of a backlash against Islamic and Muslim communities, which could lead to further extremism.

"There's decriminalisation alienation marginalisation and those are small fires that burn but groups like ISIS come pour gasoline on the fire," counter-terrorist expert Anne Speckhard said.

Ms Speckhard is also a psychiatrist and has interviewed nearly 500 terrorists, extremists, hostages and family members of terrorists. She was supposed to be at Zaventem airport when the bombs went off.

"If i was one of those compulsive people who goes there early i would have been there but i usually arrive just before fly," she said.

"Glad i wasn't there, really glad. It's hard to watch the footage it makes me cry."

Shiraz Maher is another counter-terrorism expert with a unique vantage point -- ten years ago he was an Islamic extremist himself.

"It does allow me to talk to individuals to build relationships," Mr Maher said.

After attacks like this -- people often move into blame mode, be it the authorities being blamed for failing to predict and prevent an attack or to wider communities -- like the Muslim community -- associated with the attackers but which have nothing to do with the attacks.

A man has been arrested in London after posting a tweet saying: "I confronted a Muslim woman yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said 'Nothing to do with me'. A mealy mouthed reply."

He's accused of inciting racial hatred.

Belgium is still in mourning. It's also justifiably asking why and how  but it's just being urged they do so without the blame and hatred that lay behind the attacks.