Concerns Trump rally violence is only starting

Concerns Trump rally violence is only starting

The United States is a powder keg after a Donald Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled amid violent scenes yesterday.

Ugly confrontations have continued with Trump blaming organised thugs for the violence.

The scenes have forced fellow Republican candidate Marco Rubio to question whether he'd support Trump if he got the nomination.

But there were signs today Trump has jitters about the anger he's fostered.

The rift between Donald Trump's campaign and the rest of America is widening by the hour.

The secret service had to get on stage and surround the controversial Republican candidate as a man rushed towards the podium in Ohio.

Trump appeared startled, possibly recognising the growing potential for violence at his incendiary talk.

But as agents took the suspect away, the Trump bravado returned.

"I was ready for him, but it's much easier for me if the cops do it don't we agree."

Last night's confrontations in Chicago had already forced his campaign to postpone his rally there.

Pro and anti-Trump activists clashed inside the event and outside as well.

Trump's reaction was characteristically one of contempt.

"When they have organised professionally staged wise-guys we've gotta fight back, we've gotta fight back."

And later still, Trump was opportunistic.

"It just makes all of our friends and supporters more angry. We're going to go to the polls on Tuesday, and we're going to be resounding victory, resounding."