Creme Egg burger returns to London - deep-fried

The new deep-fried creme-egg burger (Jessica Lever/Twitter)
The new deep-fried creme-egg burger (Jessica Lever/Twitter)

Last Easter the Cadbury Creme Egg burger was a sweet-tooth sensation for visitors to a London hotel.

This year it has returned to the menu at the K West Hotel & Spa, and this time it's deep-fried.

The delicious, diabetes-inducing treat involves a brioche bun, dipped in white chocolate, coated in raspberry sprinkles, and stuffed with a battered creme egg, with dollops of mascarpone cream and strawberry jelly on top.

They're available from March 20 for a limited time, and those seeking cardiac arrest can buy two for £5.50 (NZ$11.80).

They're also included as part of a cream tea, which features candy floss, mini donuts and a Daim bar cake shaped like a hot dog, reports.

According to Public Health England, 61.7 percent of adults in England were obese in 2014.