Internet ad spending set to overtake TV

  • 21/03/2016

Internet advertising is expected to grow at more than three times the rest of the industry this year, as demand for social media, online video and paid search ads increases.

Forecaster, ZenithOptimedia, expects the industry will be boosted by the Rio Olympics, the European football championships and the US presidential election.

However, conditions in China, Russia and Brazil, along with uncertainty regarding Britain's membership of the European Union are among the obstacles it faces.

"The global economy faces clear challenges," it said. "But advertisers' confidence has remained largely unshaken, and our forecasts for global growth in 2016 have barely changed since we published our last forecasts in December."

ZenithOptimedia, owned by France's Publicis, trimmed its expectation for growth in global advertising this year to 4.6 percent from a forecast of 4.7 percent it gave in December.

That is still ahead of 3.9 percent growth in 2015.