Police taser sets Aus man alight

  • 08/03/2016

A man who threw petrol at police and attempted to cut down a power pole in Sydney's northwest has been arrested.

The 51-year-old threw fuel at three officers who were called to the scene at Riverstone, hitting a Senior Constable in the eye.

During the altercation the man was tasered by police, setting his clothes alight.

He was eventually arrested after a one-hour stand-off.

Neighbour Georgina Truscott says the man was angry at his energy supplier.

She says she heard the man yelling, "If I can't have electricity, nobody can," after striking the power pole twice with a chainsaw.

The police investigation seems to back Ms Truscott's statement, with Inspector Gavin Rattenbury saying it seems the incident was sparked by an unpaid bill.

"It's too early to say, but there may have been some conflict with an energy provider," Insp Rattenbury says.

The Senior Constable is being treated in hospital for petrol exposure in his eyes.