12 dead in China after crane blows over

  • 13/04/2016
12 dead in China after crane blows over

Twelve people have been killed and another two are missing following the collapse of a construction site in south China.

The collapse occurred when the temporary structure was hit by a crane on Wednesday morning (local time).

Officials told local media the accident happened at 5:40am and an area of 200 square metres was buried by falling debris.

The structure was being used as a dormitory by workers in the Mayong Township in Dongguan.

By 1:30pm 14 people had been pulled from the site and were taken to hospital, the city's information office said. They said 69 people managed to remove themselves from the building at the time of the collapse, local media reported.

Investigations showed the crane was blown over by a gale of wind.

Hundreds of firefighters are still searching for missing people amongst the rubble.