5 die following electronic festival in Argentina

  • 17/04/2016

Five people have died and five are in a critical condition after attending an electronic music festival in Argentina.

The head of emergency services in the nation's capital said the victims are suspected to have suffered acute poisoning at a private event in the Costa Salguero area.

Officials say they will need to wait and see what drugs were being taken by the deceased to have a better idea of what happened.

Most of those who were hospitalised are in comas, Billboard reported.

The event got out of control and a private ambulance was first to respond. However it was unable to cope.

"We couldn't stay inside, we couldn't breathe," one of the participants told local TV channel TN.

Time Warp music festival was launched in Germany and also now runs in the United States, The Netherlands and Argentina.

The line-up included Sven Vath, Dixon and Kolsch and the second day of the festival has now been cancelled.