60 Minutes reporter's fate hangs in the balance

Australian 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown
Australian 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown

A Lebanese judge could decide tonight whether Australian 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown and her crew will face charges over their involvement in a botched child abduction.

The crew was doing a story on a Brisbane woman's use of an international child recovery agency to bring her two children home from Beirut.

Their father had taken the boy and girl to his homeland for a holiday last year, and failed to return.

The recovery team allegedly snatched the two children off the streets of Beirut last week, but along with the TV crew and the mother, they were later caught.

Ms Brown and her camera crew remain in custody, in limbo, having been stuck in a Lebanese jail now for six days.

Not helping the case are reports that 60 Minutes paid the child recovery agency. An allegation the programme denies.

The charges against the group are serious and punishable by up to three years in jail.

The Australian government has been called in to help, but it will be up to the Lebanese judge to decide whether charges will be laid.

A decision could be made this evening.