60 Minutes speaks out on botched kidnapping

  • 25/04/2016
Sally Faulkner is reunited with her baby when she arrives home in Australia (Supplied)
Sally Faulkner is reunited with her baby when she arrives home in Australia (Supplied)

60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown has spoken for the first time since spending two weeks in a Beirut prison along with Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner.

She says she thought reason would prevail when she and her crew were arrested in Lebanon.

On last night's episode of 60 Minutes, Channel Nine reporter Michael Usher said "we made mistakes" in their connection to Ms Faulkner's botched attempt to take her two children back from their father in Lebanon.

Tara Brown couldn't believe it when they were arrested.

"I really thought, we're journalists, we're just doing our job, they will see reason, they'll understand that -- that we're here to do a story on a very desperate mother."

The 60 Minutes crew and Ms Faulkner are back in Australia after a deal was reached to have personal charges against them dropped.

Ms Faulkner says she feels numb after returning home without her children.

She and the 60 Minutes crew were released from their Beirut prison after two weeks when a custody deal was reached.

Ms Faulkner has told Australian media that she feels awful.

"It's so surreal, but then it comes in waves where I just want to burst out crying. I've just been bawling my eyes out on the plane then I'm ok, I'm all right for a minute, then it all floods back."

Ms Brown says Ms Faulkner did everything she could.

"Despite how terribly it's gone, she knows in her heart she's tried everything to get them back. This is in her opinion that she had no choice but to do this, and that ultimately she'll be able to tell them that she tried everything."

A review of the 60 Minutes saga is expected to be conducted by Channel Nine in coming weeks.