Centenarian danced with Obamas, finally gets photo ID

  • 27/04/2016
Virginia McLaurin (Getty)
Virginia McLaurin (Getty)

It was a dance with president and Mrs Obama that made 107-year-old Virginia McLaurin famous. 

"I thought I would never live to get in the White House," says Ms McLaurin.

The video went viral, and interview requests poured in -- from New York, Los Angeles, even Europe.

But McLaurin couldn't travel. She's had no government-issued ID since her purse was snatched years ago.

"I didn't ever get the ID or my pocketbook," says Ms McLaurin.

And when the South Carolina-born centenarian tried to get one, she needed a birth certificate and photo ID.

It wasn't until her predicament surfaced in the Washington Post that the government scrambled to pass an exception to the rule.

And the mayor showed up in person to deliver the paperwork.

McLaurin's concern isn't really travel -- she wanted to be sure she had the right to vote -- even though DC doesn't require voter ID. She does want her son to drive her to Myrtle Beach this summer.

Ms McLaurin says she doesn't want to fly because she's afraid of planes.

But she will fly if God gives her wings -- and she won't need ID for that.