Chimp's high-wire escape foiled

Chacha the chimp
Chacha the chimp

A chimpanzee's high-altitude escape from the planet of the humans was short-lived, after zoo keepers shot him with a tranquilizer dart.

Chacha escaped from Yagiyama Zoological Park in Sendai, Japan, climbing up a powerpole and deftly making his way along the lines.

Footage shows Chacha sitting atop a pole, growling at his would-be captors below. Two men go up in a cherry-picker, one of them shooting the fugitive ape with a sedative.

Chacha makes one last dash before slipping, briefly hanging from the lines before falling to the ground below.

He was caught in a blanket, restrained and put in the back of a vehicle.

It's not clear if Chacha was hurt. Zoo officials are investigating.