Deal reportedly reached for 60 Minutes Beirut

  • 20/04/2016
60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown
60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown

The Australian TV crew at the centre of a botched child abduction in Lebanon is set to walk free within hours.

Reports tonight suggest the 60 Minutes team will be released from custody if broadcaster Channel Nine pays compensation.

The crew was doing a story on a Brisbane woman's use of a child recovery agency to bring her children home from Beirut, after their father took the boy and the girl to his homeland for a holiday and failed to return.

The recovery team allegedly snatched them off the streets but were later caught.

Charges against the Australian mother, Sally Faulkner, are also set to be dropped.

But according to Channel Nine, the father, Ali Elamein, says he will proceed with charges against those who allegedly carried out the kidnapping. Adam Whittington and Craig Michael from Child Abduction Recovery International now face the Lebanese courts.

The botched abduction saw Ms Brown and her camera crew stuck in a Lebanese jail, awaiting a judge's decision.

It's alleged the 60 Minutes team paid the child recovery agency, but they deny all charges.