Detained Faulkner 'fine' despite botched abduction


The mother at the centre of a custody battle in Lebanon has spoken from her jail cell.

Sally Faulkner and an Australian television crew are being detained and are facing charges over the failed attempt to bring home the Brisbane mother's two children.

The father of four-year-old Noah and six-year-old Lahala took them to his homeland for a holiday and failed to return as promised.

Detained Faulkner 'fine' despite botched abduction

Sally Faulkner's children, Lahala and Noah (Reuters)

60 minutes was following Sally Faulkner's story and were all arrested along with an international child recovery team.

From her cell Faulkner said, "I am fine. My loved ones need to know that."

She has a three-month-old baby and a husband back home in Australia.

It's alleged the two children were snatched off a Beirut street last Wednesday, and that the current affairs show paid the child recovery team to be a part of the operation.

The Lebanese judge has said he wants to know who signed off on the payment at Channel Nine.

He said the charges would not be dropped because Lebanese law was broken.