Dog abuser beaten in revenge attack

Andrew Frankish (pictured) and his brother Daniel ended up in court after the video was discovered (RSPCA)
Andrew Frankish (pictured) and his brother Daniel ended up in court after the video was discovered (RSPCA)

A British man filmed viciously abusing his pet dog alongside his brother was forced to call police after becoming the victim of an apparent revenge attack in his Yorkshire home.

Sickening footage emerged last month of Daniel Frankish, 19, and his 22-year-old brother Andrew, tossing their bulldog Baby down a flight of stairs, before stamping on its head and head-butting its body.

The dog had to be put down just three months later, irreparable damage done to its back legs.

The two men were taken to court, receiving life bans from keeping animals and suspended prison sentences -- but many were upset with the leniency of their punishment.

And now it appears a 36-year-old man has taken matters into his own hands, giving one of the brothers a beating akin to the one their dog received.

Local police were called to the scene on April 3 and arrested the attacker, but released him following an interview.

"People may have the best of intentions, but they could put themselves at risk and they can also disrupt police or RSPCA investigations," a police spokesperson said.

"We would advise people not to carry out their own inquiries, but to contact the authorities and raise their concerns so they can be investigated thoroughly and in the safest possible way."

The video of the animal abuse, believed to be from October 2013, was only released widely after being found on a memory card that one of the brothers had dropped on the floor of a local supermarket.

A petition for a heftier punishment has garnered more than 800,000 signatures, according to Metro.