Dog café opens in LA

  • 08/04/2016
Dog café opens in LA

Los Angeles residents can now get a little extra love with their morning coffee. In what's being billed as the first of its kind in the United States, a dog cafe opened in Los Angeles on Thursday, offering java and pooch play time.

Aptly called The Dog Cafe, the shop allows customers to purchase coffee, then take it to an adjacent, puppy-filled lounge where they can interact with the dogs - all of which are up for adoption.

All of the animals were rescued from shelters and rehabilitated by café owner Sarah Wolfgang and her staff.

“When I came here, I visited a shelter within the first month I was here and I realized that there was such a greater intake of dogs than there were adoptions. And I was like, what's a good way to combat this? And so I was like, why not bring a little bit of home back from Korea here but implement the dog adoption aspect of things as well."

Due to high demand, there is currently an entrance fee of US$10 to enter the café -- that gets you one cup of coffee and 55 minutes with the pooches.