Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton win in New York

Donald Trump arriving at the primary vote in Manhattan (Reuters)
Donald Trump arriving at the primary vote in Manhattan (Reuters)

Donald Trump has trounced his opponents in the New York Republican primary while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won over Bernie Sanders.

Trump was widely expected to take New York, his home state and the headquarters of his real estate and media empire. His win with over 60 percent of the votes was a much-needed revival after mistakes recently plagued his campaign.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host's rival Ted Cruz didn't even bother staying in town for the vote and dismissed Trump's hometown win.

The other hometown story saw Hilary Clinton notching up a victory after losing eight of the last nine Democratic primaries.

It was a tighter race for the Democrats, with the former New York Senator clinching 57.9 percent of the vote to Sanders' 42.1 (at 98.4 percent reporting).

For their victory speeches, Trump walked out to Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' while Clinton opted for Jay Z's 'Empire State of Mind'.

"New Yorkers, you've always had my back, and I've always tried to have yours. Today together we did it again, and I am deeply, deeply grateful," Clinton told her supporters.

The former First Lady also addressed the GOP candidates and some of their more controversial campaign rhetoric.

"Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are pushing a vision for America that's divisive, and frankly, dangerous. Returning to trickle-down economics, opposing any increase in the minimum wage, restricting a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions, promising to round up millions of immigrants, threatening to ban all Muslims from entering the country, planning to treat American Muslims like criminals!

"These things go against everything America stands for. And we have a very different vision: it’s about building each other up, not tearing each other down."

Trump told supporters the Republican result was "just incredible".

"I guess we're close to 70 percent, and we're going to end at a very high level, and get a lot more delegates than anybody projected, even in their wildest dreams," said Trump.

"I really want to thank my team - my team has been amazing. It's a team of unity, it's evolving, but people don't understand."

The New York vote wasn't without incident, with Democatic rival Bernie Sanders highlighting missing voters.

"Today, three million people in the state of New York who are independents have lost their right to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary. That's wrong," said Sanders.

There will be an investigation, but tonight the Empire State building shone red and blue for two hometown candidates.