English flats defy demolition attempts

  • 26/04/2016
English flats defy demolition attempts

When two blocks of flats were built in the northwest of England half a century ago, they were given the names of British wartime leaders Churchill and Montgomery.

And they both lived up to their names when demolition teams moved in to pull them down.

Churchill House needed two explosions to bring it down, and most of Montgomery House is still standing after three.

Among the many iconic buildings on Merseyside, the two tower blocks are not ones to remember. Not until now, that is.

Somehow, despite being rigged with explosives, the 1960s unloved structures withstood being demolished yesterday morning.

When contractors tried again, they at least got one down.

Those watching nearby seemed unprepared, given the previous failure.

Perhaps they were just surprised, but covered in dust and soot, they ran in the opposite direction.

The delays meant residents couldn't return to their homes, and left contractors somewhat embarrassed.

And today, a third attempt still only removed a quarter of the remaining block, leaving it as part of the Liverpool skyline for just a little bit longer.

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