Hollywood chase ends in selfies, arrests

Hollywood chase ends in selfies, arrests

It's not often a police pursuit ends with the suspects taking selfies with bystanders while they wait for police to arrive.

But then again, anything is possible in the United States.

Live footage of the strange pursuit -- taken from news helicopters above -- show the entire chase, up until the two thieves decide to pull over and pose for photos.

Hollywood chase ends in selfies, arrests

It is understood the LAPD arrived around 10 minutes later to arrest the pair.

They'd apparently been travelling at high speeds prior to the beginning of the chase in a blue convertible Mustang, before they took off through the heart of Los Angeles.

More than an hour later, the car lost one of its tyres, and began to slow down to speeds of 32km/h before pulling over in a residential area at around 3:30pm (local time).

People then swarmed on the former fugitives and took photos with them while waiting for the police to catch up.

NBC LA have reported the two men were possibly linked to a home burglary in Hollywood.