Lose your man, win at life

Women who shack up with cheaters are considered "losers" in the study (Getty)
Women who shack up with cheaters are considered "losers" in the study (Getty)

A woman scorned has fury, but she might also have a leg up on others when it comes to finding a mate.

Researchers in New York have found women who lose their man to another woman "come out of the experience with higher mating intelligence", better able to spot lotharios and avoid them.

"In the long-term, she wins," says lead author Craig Morris, research associate at Binghamton University.

"The 'other woman', conversely, is now in a relationship with a partner who has a demonstrated history of deception and, likely, infidelity. Thus, in the long-term, she loses."

Nearly 6000 women from 96 countries took part in the study, believed to be the largest ever done on relationship break-ups and their messy aftermath.

"If we have evolved to seek out and maintain relationships, then it seems logical that there would be evolved mechanisms and responses to relationship termination," says Dr Morris.

"Over 85 percent of individuals will experience at least one in their lifetime."

Dr Morris says the research also suggests being dumped for another lover can be "beneficial in terms of personal growth" outside of maintaining relationships.

He next plans to look at how heterosexual people involved in polygamous relationships handle break-ups.