Nauru asylum seeker fined for suicide attempt

  • 16/04/2016
Protests against refugee holding in Australian detention centres (AAP)
Protests against refugee holding in Australian detention centres (AAP)

An Iranian asylum seeker has been fined by the Australian government for attempting to commit suicide in a resettlement centre on the island of Nauru.

Sam Nemati and his eight-year-old daughter were to be moved from the resettlement centre by Nauru police because they had come from another detention facility without the permission of the service provider Connect Settlement Services, Australian media has reported.

Sole parent Mr Nemati and his daughter Aysa had been held in an Australian funded detention centre for almost two years before moving to the resettlement centre. He said his daughter did not like the other camp because there were no other children she could play with.

"Daughter in the Nibok camp, happy because she has friends, five, six friends live in Nibok," Mr Nemati said.

Police tried to discuss the matter with Mr Nemati but his English was poor and the officers had no translator with them. They began to remove his belongings and he became distressed and attempted to take his own life.

Attempted suicide is an offense on the island of Nauru.

The man was locked up for two weeks in February, despite being the sole career for his daughter. Nauru police said Aysa was cared for by relatives on the island, but Mr Nemati said he has no relatives there. He said there was no help for her by government authorities and that it was only for help of his friend that she was cared for.

"Only just my child, searching, saved after two days, saved [by] my friend," he said.

"No help [from] the Government, no help [from] police, no help [from] Connect."