Prince of Monaco flies kiwi jetpack


A New Zealand invention has caught the eye of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco at a prestigious car show.

The Martin Jetpack is on display at the Top Marques Monaco Supercar Show this weekend and has been given the royal seal of approval.

Prince Albert needed only needed a one minute tutorial before taking off from the Monaco heliport in a flight simulation.

He then took a virtual tour of the Principality before landing at his Royal Palace to an eruption of applause from the excited crowd.

Director of Top Marques Monaco Steven Saltzman says when he was briefing His Highness on the programme for the show, visiting the Martin Jetpack stand was an absolute priority for him.

Steven Saltzman says the show is excited to have the Martin Aircraft Company as a guest.

"To now have Prince Albert fly the simulator with such finesse shows that this amazing aircraft is certainly the personal transport of the future."

Prince Albert was also quick to see the potential of the jetpack in the country for both commercial and recreational use.

Prince of Monaco flies kiwi jetpack

The Martin Jetpack was originally designed in Dunedin by Glenn Martin in 1981 and is currently being developed into the world’s first practical jetpack.

Based on current testing the jetpack is expected to have over 30 minutes’ flight time at a speed of up to 74 km/h at an altitude up to 1000 meters.