Queen's birthday celebrations fit for royalty


The Queen has earned a well-deserved cup of tea and a lie down after a very big, very public birthday bash.

Queen Elizabeth is the longest living and longest reigning British monarch and celebrated her 90th in true Royal fashion -- holding court with her loyal subjects.

In the royal town, on this most special of royal occasions, the people want one thing -- they want the Queen, and the Queen gives the people what they want.

Thousands proudly offered up birthday bouquets and cards -- a lady in waiting on-hand to scoop up the spoils.

She is of course New Zealand's Queen too, so it was fitting, then, that the silver fern was represented.

And rightly so, according to Margaret Tyler, the proud owner of 10,000 pieces of Royal memorabilia -- she says the Queen is still very much relevant to New Zealanders.

Ms Tyler gave the Queen a cake for her 80th and again today for the big 90.

A second more official cake was cut by the Queen after meeting a posse of other nonagenarians, the Queen Mobile waiting nearby to whisk her back to the castle after her half-hour amble.

Last year the Queen became the longest reigning British monarch but couldn't really celebrate because she took the title by outliving and out-ruling her great great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

This year for her birthday, she's got free rein to celebrate shamelessly -- and has no plans to slow down at 90.

Her birthday evening was reserved for a special Royal family dinner, but not before sparking up a big beacon, setting off 1000 other beacons around the UK, to form a kind of massive, country-wide birthday cake.