Restaurant wants food, people stripped back

  • 26/04/2016
Restaurant wants food, people stripped back

Many restaurants have aspired to bring their diners an organic experience.

The concept isn't new. A lot of restaurateurs want to give customers a culinary concept that reminds them of their childhood or that takes them to a different time -- like paleo that takes from food eaten long before.

But a new London restaurant is one-upping all back-to-basics attempts, with what will no doubt prove to be a truly eye-catching concept -- naked dining.

The Bunyadi is a clothing-optional pop-up restaurant that will be opening in London in June. The idea has been developed by Seb Lyall, who was responsible for a popular Breaking Bad-themed pop-up last year.

Mr Lyall told The Washington Post eating naked is a liberating experience and part of it will also serve as a social experiment.

"There is a whole business of victimising people based on body image, but we are making a business out of correcting it," Mr Lyall said.

But it's not only the customers who will be nude. The food and dining room will follow through too, being free of industrial and modern impurities like chemical, gas, metal, electric lights and smartphones.

The kitchen staff will be clothed and the waiters will be in minimal clothing for hygiene purposes. Photography will not be allowed.

The waiting list is expected to soar and is already 25,000 names long.