Shooter opens fire in Sydney mall carpark

  • 29/04/2016
A man is wheeled away on a gurney following the attack (7 News
A man is wheeled away on a gurney following the attack (7 News

One person has died and two others are injured after a shooting in a carpark at the Bankstown Central Shopping Centre in Sydney.

There were reports of eight shots being fired just before midday.

The victim has been named as Walid Ahmad, reportedly linked to a fatal shooting outside a repairs business in Condell Park this month.

Mr Ahmad is a convicted killer and recognised in the underworld as a 'standover man' -- the term for someone who intimidates people for money.

Police are searching for the alleged gunman and the mall has been closed as a precaution, while detectives and forensic experts are on the scene and have cordoned off the area.

The man and woman injured in the shooting are both being treated at Liverpool Hospital.

Police responded to calls of gunshots coming from the rooftop of the shopping centre at about 11:50am local time.

Emergency services found Mr Ahmad, who suffered critical gunshot wounds. First aid was given but he died at the scene.

A 60-year-old male and 31-year old-woman suffered gunshot wounds to their lower legs.

Police believe the man didn't act alone -- but police have reassured the Bankstown community.

"Clearly it's concering anytime people have a want to go and use a firearm to settle a dispute. What I can say about this incident is it's clearly targeted," Detective Superintendent David Eardley of the Bankstown Local Area Command said.

"This isn't a random shooting -- it's clearly targeted towards a man who has died as a result of gunshot wounds."