Stars of The Apprentice fire missive at Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Randal Pinkett (Getty)
Donald Trump and Randal Pinkett (Getty)

Six former The Apprentice contestants have jumped on the #NeverTrump bandwagon, saying if the American public doesn't hire Donald Trump, they won't have to fire him.

"As alums of The Apprentice, we have had the opportunity to work with Donald in various capacities, including as employees of the Trump organisation," said season four winner Randal Pinkett.

"Based on that experience and Donald's campaign, we do not believe he is worthy of becoming President of the United States."

Marshawn Evans Daniels, who made it to week eight in season four before she was fired, called Mr Trump's campaign "unpatriotic, anti-American, self-serving, regressive and downright lazy".

"Trump is passionately and strategically reigniting a dirty and divisive culture soaked in a history of prejudice, fear and hate."

Season two's Kevin Allen said: "We believe the American people have a right to be as informed as they can be regarding such a successful presidential candidate. We speak as Americans, not Democrats, Republicans or otherwise."

Korean American James Sun, who appeared in season six, said: "Some of Mr Trump's comments on immigration are flat-out wrong. Making America great again without recognising the impact of what immigrants have done is backwards."

The half-dozen contestants, which also include first season runner-up Kwame Jackson and season three's Tara Dowdell, will hold a news conference later today to expand on their reasons for dumping their former mentor.

Mr Trump himself has dismissed their criticism, calling them "six failing wannabes".

"How quickly they forget. Nobody would know who they are if it weren't for me."

"They just want to get back into the limelight like they had when they were with Trump. Total dishonesty and disloyalty. They should be careful or I'll play hours of footage of them individually praising me."

Mr Trump leads the race for the Republican nomination, but his divisive nature has driven many in the party to block his progress by any means necessary.