Tabbies compete for Kitten Summer Games glory

  • 20/04/2016
Beautiful kitty cat
Beautiful kitty cat

What do the four-legged footballers of the 'Kitten Bowl' do in the offseason? They go for the gold in their own 'Summer Games', including a de-cat-hlon and freestyle wrestling.

The event is being filmed for a TV special set for broadcast in August, in time for the human games in Rio.

The cuteness quotient was off the leash as the tiny competitors found their footing on bite-size playing fields, frolicking on scratchable rings at the gymnastics "venue" and jumping little hurdles decked out with delectable feathers intended to keep competitors on the move over at track and field.

Escapees were corralled by spotters, who ringed the sets as huge cameras shot the action.

Each of the 90 or so furry Olympians involved in the Kitten Games, along with some full-grown cat 'judges', are up for adoption from the North Shore Animal League America.