Turkish soldier tries to sack US soldier

  • 18/04/2016

Turkish media reports say two members of a Turkish nationalist youth group were detained after trying to put a sack over the head of a US soldier at an air base in southern Turkey.

The state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Sunday that the two members of the right-wing group were placed under house arrest after the incident occurred on Saturday at the Incirlik air base in Adana province.

There was no immediate reaction from US or Turkish officials.

Turkey's private Dogan news agency says one man filmed his friend as he chased the soldier.

The nationalist Turkish Youth Union (TGB) posted footage on Twitter in which the man is heard blaming the US soldier for "the terrorism in our country”.

The soldier can be heard asking the soldier if he is American. When he replies “Yes”, the Turkish member of the Youth Union of Turkey replies in Turkish:

"We are Turkish. We are Turkish soldiers. In 2003 in Iraq, you put a sack over our soldier's head, and right now terrorist activities are happening in our country. Your country is responsible for those terrorist activities. 

"Bombs are exploding every day. Every day we receive news of martyred (killed) soldiers. You are responsible for that. You can't go out (from here), but we are coming here to your 'prison,' to your base, and we are putting this sack - this sack...(on your head)."