Video: Chimp captures glimpse inside zoo with GoPro


A chimpanzee at Oregon Zoo in the US has provided an intimate look at zoo life, after receiving a GoPro camera and using it to chronicle its day.

Chloe the chimpanzee was provided the camera as part of an enrichment program, the zoo says, and she took to it like a duck to water.

"Chloe immediately went to it and kind of showed us a day in the life of Chloe," said keeper Colleen Reed.

In the footage, the chimp can be seen wandering around, eating, and -- of course -- taking a few selfies.

The footage provided keepers with an insider's look into Chloe's life.

"It was able to give us a really, really unique opportunity to see what she does during the day and what she actually enjoys," Ms Reed says. "These behaviours are things that keepers see every day, but never before from this perspective."

While they expected the 46-year-old chimpanzee would be curious and move the camera around, Ms Reed says she was surprised when Chloe figured out how to turn the GoPro on and off.

It's not the chimp's first experience with technology either -- she's had previous experience using an iPad, switching the camera modes as a keeper held it.

Chloe is the zoo's oldest chimpanzee and the keepers say she's recently established herself as the dominant member of her troop. That meant once she picked up the camera, she wasn't particularly keen to share it.

Oregon Zoo says Chloe had been kept as a pet prior to arriving at the zoo and still retains some of the human characteristics she had developed, such as walking upright and eating carefully.