1 dead, 3 injured at T.I. concert

1 dead, 3 injured at T.I. concert

A 33-year-old man has been killed and three others have been injured after gunfire broke out during a rap concert at Irving Plaza, Manhattan.

According to The New York Times, the motive for the shootings is still unclear and currently no arrests have been made.

Rapper T.I. was about to come on stage at the club in the Union Square area when shots were heard around 10:15pm, according to witness reports.

On social media, other witnesses posted footage of the mayhem that occurred inside the club when the shots were heard.

Paul Cantor, 34, was a witness at the back of the club and says there were about 1000 people all crammed into the space. His attention was drawn to a fight, which then spilled onto the stage.

It was after that a second fight broke out on the dance floor, which is where the shots were fired.