Aussie's lottery ticket court battle rages on

(Youtube / kvoncomedy)
(Youtube / kvoncomedy)

A Sydney man has taken a battle to get his share of an AU$40 million Powerball win to the Supreme Court.

Factory manager Brendon King claims he's been cheated out of his workmate's winning syndicate in favour of the ticket-buyer's son.

Fourteen factory workers in a syndicate hit the jackpot, scoring AU$2.8 million dollars each.

But they're not celebrating just yet, as their boss reckons he's scored too and wants his cut.

Brendan King insists he's been a syndicate member for four years and he had paid up before the draw, but the syndicate claims he left the group in January.

Tensions are running so high Mr King has been forced to work offsite.

He wanted the money frozen until the dispute was sorted but lottery officials have already handed over the winnings to the ticket holder.

There are concerns the ticket holder's son, who is not an employee, was included in the winning syndicate.

"It's quite common; people feel naturally aggrieved when they expect and are entitled to a windfall coming their way and suddenly it's thwarted," Sydney University professor Alex Blaszczynski said.

Lotteries says situations like this are preventable -- but it's too late for this syndicate.

While they've won big, they could end up paying a higher price as the legal battle goes on.