Australia's election date officially set for July 2

  • 08/05/2016
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Reuters, file)
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Reuters, file)

Australia's Prime Minister says voters must decide who to trust to run the economy, as he officially calls the federal election.

Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed a double-dissolution election will be held on July 2.

He says Australians have a clear choice.

"I will be seeking a mandate from the Australian people," he says, "as the Prime Minister of this country to carry out this plan, because we know that it will lay the way -- clear the way -- for us to have the greatest years in our nation's history."

The marathon 55-day campaign will see incumbent Mr Turnbull challenge Labor leader Bill Shorten.

In an early play for support, Mr Turnbull told Australians his party is best fit to push the economy forward.

"Australians will have a very clear choice -- to keep the course, maintain the commitment to our national economic plan for growth and jobs, or go back to Labor, with its higher taxing, higher spending, debt and deficit agenda."

Mr Turnbull's campaign is focusing on small- to medium-sized business, while Mr Shorten is targeting social issues.