Crafty crow let off for taking crime scene knife

Canuck the crow (Shawn Bergman / Facebook)
Canuck the crow (Shawn Bergman / Facebook)

Canadian police won't be charging a serial criminal crow after his latest caper where it stole a knife from a crime scene.

Vancouver police say Canuck the crow picked up a knife at the scene of a shooting on Tuesday (local time) and began to fly away.

"[It] flew about 20 to 30 feet and dropped it," the Vancouver Police Department told ABC News on Thursday (local time).

Officers eventually managed to get the weapon back where it was processed as evidence in the crime.

It's not Canuck's first run-in with the law. In fact, the bird's got quite an extensive rap sheet -- including stealing knives and keys, as well as vandalising police equipment.


Police say they won't be charging the bird for tampering with evidence or evading authorities.

The bird is easily identifiable because of an orange band around its foot and because he is probably one of only a few birds with their own Facebook page.

Canuck's legion of fans has reached just over 15,000 on Facebook where people can keep up with its vagabond ways through photos, videos and news stories.

Crafty crow let off for taking crime scene knife

(Canuck and I / Facebook)

Shawn Bergman, who says he's Canuck's best friend, runs the page and says the bird fell from its nest as a hatchling and was found and raised by his landlord's son.

Once he'd grown stronger and had the orange band put on him, Canuck was released -- but he didn't stray far.

Crafty crow let off for taking crime scene knife


Shawn Bergman and Canuck the crow during an early encounter (Canuck and I / Facebook)

Actually, he didn't go anywhere until Mr Bergman came along.

"I walked up and introduced myself, he hopped on my arm and the rest is history."

The bird now goes with him most places, but can also be seen around his Vancouver neighbourhood where he meets other people and also commits crimes in broad daylight.