'Croco-dolphin' unfortunately just a whale

The 'croco-dolphin', or beaked whale (YouTube)
The 'croco-dolphin', or beaked whale (YouTube)

Is it a crocodile? Is it a dolphin? Is it...a croco-dolphin?

No, but that's what Chinese fishermen dubbed a strange-looking creature swimming near the shore last week. Astonishment clear in their voices, they poke it with a stick in a video uploaded to the internet.

The aquatic monster, found in Zhoushan near Shanghai, is actually a beaked whale. It's not surprising its captors didn't recognise it -- they're able to spend up to an hour under water, and only a few species have been studied in detail.

This one was a Blainville beaked whale, one of the more common types. Others are only known by their bones, and have never been seen alive.