Watch: Dog saves US man from house fire

  • 19/05/2016
Watch: Dog saves US man from house fire

A raging fire has burnt down a home in Lewiston, Idaho, and a rescue dog is credited with helping to save her owner's life.

John Doddard was sitting down to dinner when his pitbull Abby started barking at the back door. When he got up to see what was going on, he saw the black smoke pouring into his home.

"I figured, well, maybe she's just barking at something in the backyard, a noise or something; and I was ignoring her at first and then I said I better pay attention because she's going frantic here," said Mr Doddard.

The fire burned so hot it actually melted the siding on a neighbouring home. Nobody was hurt, but the house is a total loss. The Red Cross is now helping the homeowner. The Fire Marshal's office is investigating the cause.