London police run from Running Man Challenge

London police run from Running Man Challenge

Scotland police accepted the #RunningManChallenge from The New York Police Department after the New Zealand Police version took the internet by storm.

Police Scotland passed the challenge onto their new recruits at the Police Scotland College in Tulliallan and they didn't disappoint.

However, sadly, London's Metropolitan Police have declined Scotland's offer to give them a run for their money.

Scotland Police also threw the challenge to Toronto Police, and the Royal Falkland Islands Police say they are in the process of creating their own video after the challenge was thrown to them by the Isles of Scilly Police.

The Scots challenge video has received more than 28,000 likes on Facebook, and reached more than one million people.

The challenge was initiated by two University of Maryland basketball players last month, and in the three weeks since, it has become the latest viral craze.

Many sports teams have taken up the challenge as well.


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