Makeshift wheelchair lets disabled kitten zoom


A disabled six-week-old kitten has been having a wheely good time thanks to a vet clinic in New York.

The ginger kitten, later named Mac N'Cheez, had been abandoned by his mother before being found and taken to the Massapequa Pet Vet clinic by a member of the public.

When he arrived he was in good health, except for one problem -- his hind legs were paralysed.

So the clinic sprang into action.

Three technicians and a high school intern worked to construct a wheelchair for the pint-sized animal.

And with a combination of building toys Lego and K'Nex, they succeeded.

A video posted to the clinic's Facebook page shows the first time Mac tries to use the wheelchair.

Unhindered for possibly the first time in his life, the little cat is seen zooming around the room.

Even when technicians pick him up to adjust the chair Mac's seen churning his feet, desperate to race around on the ground again.

Dr Ned Horowitz, Massapequa Pet Vet's owner, says they were pleased to see how quickly Mac took to his wheels.

"It was very funny watching him realize that he could finally get around, and very quickly, to his liking," Dr Horowitz says.

"It was also very rewarding to see him actually enjoy the sensation [of walking]."

It's a sensation he may be able to experience even without the assistance of the chair.

Dr Horowitz suspects the paralysis has been caused by intervertebral disc disease, so it could be fixable.

"We hope to rehabilitate, treat and eventually find him a good home."

Mac is currently being fostered by one of Pet Vet's technicians and he will eventually be adopted out to a suitable home.