Portugal powers for 4 days solely on renewable energy


Portugal has managed to hit a clean energy milestone, providing all of its power through renewable sources for four days straight.

Wind, solar and hydro power kept the nation bright and cheery over the 107-hour period from 6:45am on Saturday, May 7 to 5:45pm Wednesday, May 11.

At no point during the period did the nation have to switch to coal or natural gas production plants, or any form of non-renewable energy production.

SolarPower Europe CEO James Watson says it's an incredible feat, but it'll be common in the continent within just a few years.

"The energy transition process is gathering momentum and records such as this will continue to be set and broken across Europe," he says.

ZERO analysed the data along with the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association and says it's proof Portugal can make the ambitious switch to 100 percent clean energy.

It would drastically reduce the nation's greenhouse gas emissions, and ZERO suggests an extra push towards electric vehicles would reduce it even further.

The successful four days ran during the northern hemisphere's spring and it's hoped Portugal can produce even more clean energy once the sunny summer kicks in.