Running Man challenge: UK bobbies bust a move

  • 07/05/2016
Running Man challenge: UK bobbies bust a move


Britain's bobbies are the latest police team to take up the "Running Man" dance challenge initiated by Kiwi cops.

A video posted by the London Metropolitan Police features an officer in a riot helmet, with moves so good his jealous colleagues have to arrest him.

The Scottish Fire Service has also taken up the dance challenge triggered by their Kiwi counterparts.


Their video stars an axe-wielding dancer with a Flashdance-style finish.

In Australia, police in Tasmania have put on their dancing shoes for the Running Man challenge, with Victoria police implying their video is to follow.

The trend was kicked off by New Zealand police in a video highlighting the skills of their "twinkle-toed staff" on Tuesday, issuing a rallying cry to police around the world to take part.

New Zealand police say their video had reached 24 million people by Friday, with 8 million views.