Takeaway owner jailed over nut allergy death

  • 24/05/2016

An Indian takeaway restaurant owner in Britain convicted of killing a customer with a nut allergy has been jailed for six years.

In January 2014 Paul Wilson, 38, ordered a chicken tikka masala with no nuts, but his curry was cooked with a groundnut mix containing peanuts.

Restaurant owner Mohammed Zaman, who was in debt, switched from almond powder to the cheaper ingredient to cut costs. The prosecution claimed he also used cheap and untrained illegal workers.

He was convicted of manslaughter.

"Mohammed Zaman received numerous warnings that he was putting his customers' health, and potentially their lives, at risk," said prosecutor Richard Wright QC.

"His was a reckless and cavalier attitude to risk and one that we, the prosecution, would describe as grossly negligent."

Mr Wilson's death came a few weeks after another customer had an allergic reaction to Zaman's food.

The case is thought to be a legal first.