Trump to get classified CIA briefings


As the United States presidential marathon tapers into its final sprint, things are beginning to change. Donald Trump is now no longer just a presidential candidate; he has become the Republican Party's presumptive nominee.

This means Mr Trump is so far ahead in delegates and votes that it's probable he will receive the party's presidential nomination. And with this comes special responsibilities and privileges not before seen by the New York business man.

The thing that has people shaking in their American boots is the fact that Mr Trump will now begin to receive classified CIA briefings as the Republican Party's nominee for president.

This is something Mr Trump is reportedly quite eager to commence, along with the collaboration he will be entering into with the Republican senators on Party matters.

"I'm very much a team player, and I look forward to working with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy and everybody," Mr Trump told The Washington Post.

He said he aims for "total cooperation," although he has different opinions on trade.

Mr Trump is also standing by some of the more abrasive, controversial and racist comments he made earlier in his campaign. He had called for the temporary ban of Muslims entering the United States, the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, and the construction of a giant wall along the Mexican border.

"I really feel that it's important that I do what's right as opposed to necessarily cater to what's going to play to the voters," Trump said.

"Because nobody really knows what plays with the voters, and I'm an example of that. If I tested some of the things I say out in polling, I probably wouldn't do very well."

American news agency MSNBC has pondered some of the possibilities that the marriage between Mr Trump's CIA status and his views may spawn.

Like, what if he is told his anti-Muslim stance was creating a security threat? What if he can't keep sensitive information to himself?

Another thing to note is that the man has no history in public service; if he had he would have received intelligence briefings to some extent. But he is a businessman first and foremost.

The events to unfold will be interesting for the US and beyond.

Campaign connections with pro-Putin governance have also been mentioned by political reporters.

As the road to US presidency begins to narrow, what was once hailed by some as an unfathomable joke is becoming increasingly possible as a reality. The world waits.