Twin suicide bombings kill dozens in Yemen

  • 23/05/2016

A pair of attacks by suicide bombers has claimed the lives of at least 45 people and injured at least 60 others in the Yemeni city of Aden.

Many of those killed in the blasts were reportedly Yemeni army troops, and are thought to have been targeted at people enlisting for the military.

One suicide car bomber detonated his bomb directly outside the recruitment centre, while another set off his explosive vest outside the home of a senior military figure, where a slew of others were lining up to enlist.

Local news website Aden al-Ghad showed pictures of soldiers picking up bloodied comrades in uniform from the ground and witnesses reported seeing ambulances with blaring sirens collecting the wounded.

A bomb planted at the gate of a nearby army base detonated shortly afterwards but caused no casualties, local officials said.

The violence is the latest of a string of attacks between Yemen's Sunni government and Shia Houthi rebels allied with the Middle East nation's ex-president.

Newshub. / Reuters