UFO, flying pig or Spider-Man?

Spider-Man? Pig? UFO? (UFOstar7/YouTube)
Spider-Man? Pig? UFO? (UFOstar7/YouTube)

A UFO has been caught on camera buzzing around above the south coast of the UK. Either that, or someone's super-sized Spider-Man balloon has decided to flee to France.

In a video uploaded by YouTube user UFOstar7, a strange object resembling one of the antagonists of classic arcade shooter Space Invaders hovers high above an unidentified British town.

The cameraman has to zoom in quite far so the footage is blurry, but he notes it "appears to be transforming or rotating".

"Wow, this is strange," he intones.

The recording was apparently made between 5:30pm and 6pm on Sunday night, UK time.

UFO group Secure Team 10 reuploaded the footage to its account, founder Tyler Glockner saying it wasn't "your run-of-the-mill UFO shape. This thing looks very odd."

YouTube users commented on the video it could be "a new type of drone", "a Spider-Man balloon" or one of rock band Pink Floyd's infamous flying pigs.

UFO, flying pig or Spider-Man?

Spider-Man floats above New York (Getty)

UFO, flying pig or Spider-Man?

Pink Floyd's flying pig at Battersea Power Station (Getty)

The sighting comes just over a week after an unknown object appeared to explode in the skies above an Islamic State stronghold in Turkey.

Local police told media it was probably a "natural phenomenon", rather than alien retaliation against the hardline terrorist group.