Video: Baby breaks decades-old water ski record

Video: Baby breaks decades-old water ski record

Move over, Chewbacca mum; the latest video to sweep the internet has arrived in the form of a water-skiing baby.

She may only be six months and 26 days old, but Zyla St Onge has broken a decades-old record and skied 209 metres unaided on Lake Silver, Florida.

In footage released by the World Barefoot Center, Zyla dons a pink life-vest as she props herself up on a rail for support. Not even able to walk yet, Zyla rolls across the waves effortlessly, her father taking to Facebook to express his pride.

"We are very proud of our little baby girl Zyla," he wrote.

Zyla's feat betters the previous record by three days.

The previous holder is now a professional wakeboarder, and has been documented as the first person to land a 1080-degree trick.