Video: Daredevil cat resists rescue attempt


A cat in Algeria has showed off its acrobatic skills up a telephone pole, dodging attempts to bring it back to Earth.

The bold feline fancied a bit of an adventure when it climbed the pole and it didn't agree with the humans who decided it was time to come down.

Instead, dodging a member of the Algerian Civil Defense's attempt to grab it, the cat tightropes its way further across the line.

But by the time it decided it had had enough, it was a lot harder to get down.

The plucky kitty can be seen slipping on the wire at several heart-stopping moments, remaining in place with an increasingly perilous grip.

The Civil Defense team assembled on the ground with a sheet, ready to catch the cat should it fall, but the animal managed to hang on.

Eventually the rescue crew grew tired of waiting for the cat to fall in its own time and prodded it with a long pole, sending it to plummeting.

Unfortunately even that rescue attempt was bungled as the animal slipped out of the sheet.

Thankfully true to form, the cat managed to land on its feet before bolting.