VIDEO: Fireworks factory explosion in UK

VIDEO: Fireworks factory explosion in UK

An explosion at a fireworks factory in Southampton, UK, has been caught on film.

No-one was hurt in the spectacular explosion that was attended by more than 70 fire service personal, 13 fire trucks and support vehicles.

The loud bangs and flashing lights woke neighbours at about 5am local time.

Local resident, Chris Nichols, posted on Vine: "Woken up by big bang. Fire on Bitterne Road West, which appears to have hit the firework factory. #Southampton"

Around 60 residents living within 100 metres were evacuated from their homes with surrounding roads also shut.

"6am and fireworks still going up. All roads shut. #Bitterne #Southampton #fire," Mr Nichols later posted.

The building in the Bitterne area of Southampton is a part of The Flower Factory franchise and the building also operates as a garden centre.