Video: Troublesome pandas want leaves left alone

Video: Troublesome pandas want leaves left alone

It is a keeper's job to keep their animals' enclosure clean, but what happens when the animals just don't want them to?

Two giant pandas at a breeding facility in Sichuan, China, really didn't want their home being cleaned of leaves and made life adorably unbearable for the worker trying to tidy up.

One of them tries to wrestle away the basket the woman used to neatly collect the leaves, even getting inside it and rolling around.

It seems like a game to them, but the woman becomes more frustrated by their behaviour. 

At one point, she tries to lift one of the pandas off the basket while the other is inside, but they won't have a bear of it.

Having eventually got a basketful of leaves away from the pair, she's followed around the enclosure where the woman tires herself out trying to contain the pandas.

The video ends before we find out whether the pandas got their way and the leaves were left where they lay.

This seems like a terrible job.